The City National Rochdale Equity Funds declare income distributions quarterly to shareholders of the respective portfolios. Please note the following important information:

Record Date
Ex Date
Reinvest Date November 30, 2017
Payable Date
Income Distribution Per Share Reinvest Price
Emerging Markets Fund, Class YN/AN/A
U.S. Core Equity Fund, Class NN/AN/A
U.S. Core Equity Fund, Institutional CN/AN/A
U.S. Core Equity Fund, Servicing ClassN/AN/A
Dividend & Income Fund, Class N*N/AN/A
Emerging Markets Fund, Class NN/AN/A

To see the proposed 2016 City National Rochdale Funds Income and Capital Gains Distribution Schedule, please click here.

To see the estimated City National Rochdale Funds 2016 Cap Gains distribution, please click here.

*A portion of the dividend may be deemed a Return of Capital.